Thursday, November 30, 2006

Amazing Sculptural Furniture

I recently read a book about Wendell
, the sixties pop furniture icon who moved gracefully
into sculptural furniture in the 1980's. It was filled with pictures of
though provoking furniture.

Today I found the website of a woodworker, Subiha Mujtaba,
whose work extends the idea of sculpted furniture. I think she fuses
the two even more successfully than the Wendell Castle pieces I've
seen. Beautiful and fascinating work.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Striving for Woodworking Mastery

Karl Rookey Self PortraitIf you don't know me–and even if you do–welcome to A Woodworker's Odyssey, a blog in which I'll detail as much as I can about the path to mastering woodworking. You should know that, as of this writing, I am far from an expert woodworker. But I've had success with my projects and have a passion for excellence. I plan on one day making beautiful things full time. This blog lets me process experiences as I work toward that goal and hopefully provides information, inspiration, or just interesting reading for you.

The road really began three years ago when I visited a friend in Texas. He had opened the garage door, parked the cars outside, and set about converting the space to a workshop. He showed me some of his work, handed me some "extra" hand planes, and inspired me to begin working with wood. To see the shop that inspired me, visit his site at