Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cool Piano Hinge Tutorial for Sketchup

I've been working on expanding my Sketchup skills and the guys that write that blog deliver a lot of great woodworking-specific information on using SketchUp. There is another excellent SketchUp tutorial on using components to create a simple piano hinge over at the Design. Click. Build. (DCB) blog. I followed the steps fairly easily to build my own piano hinge (shown above). The use of components makes the process quick and the file size relatively small (88k) for the number of curves in it.

In addition to the DCB blog I'm working my way through Google SketchUp for Dummies. I'm learning a lot there too, but from reading DCPit seems to me that for detailed work like woodworking plans, the clever use of components is an important skill that isn't a big part of the book: I'm about a quarter of the way through and the only mention of  components has been using pre-made components for windows and doors.

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